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Flamingo Injector & Choke Cleaner

Low grade fuels and/or polluted air can cause gum, varnish and carbon deposits to be formed in the carburetor during

Mehran Fuel Tank Cap

High Quality Direct Replacement Easy to Install OEM Quality  

SGO Suzuki Ultimate Genuine Engine Oil – 3 Ltr

Provides enhanced protection over mineral oils Enhanced protection for vehicles Reduced oil consumption Keep engines clean and protected 3 Litre

STP High Mileage Fuel Injector & Carburetor Treatment

STP HIGH MILEAGE FUEL INJECTOR & CARBURETOR TREATMENT Fights deposit buildup and helps keep fuel injectors and carburetors clean in

WD 40 330ml – United Kingdom

Universal repairs and lubricants Cleans, lubricates and protects Release stuck and tight connections Creeps under humidity, tar, resin and dirt