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Botny Hard Wax 230g

1,500.00 699.00
Standing & Lasting Enhances Shininess UV Guard An exclusive hard paste wax with most advanced shine chemistry combining highest quality


1,500.00 899.00
Our car care range has been developed to give your car an all-round professional finish. Our Spray ‘N’ Shine does

Cosmic Korean Car Wax 200g

1,300.00 800.00
Easily applied Carnauba wax formula Lastingly protect against weathering effects Prevention of discoloration Keep your car looking new with Kangroo’s

Formula 1 Carnauba Car Wax

1,500.00 999.00
Shines, Protects and Reveals Your Car’s True Paint Color! #1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax for extended high-gloss shine Advanced micro-polishing

Turtle Wax Color Magic Jet Black Wax

2,500.00 1,799.00
Easy to Use. Cleans surfaces. Masks Minor Scratches. Enhances the colour of your paintwork. Provides long lasting protection and outstanding

Unicon 80 Black Polish And Wax For Complete Shining Look

2,000.00 1,199.00
Applying a coat of car wax or a synthetic paint sealant to your car’s finish offers 2 major benefits plus